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“In order to deliver Sanofi with a robust, high-titer cell line and process, AbSci will leverage its proprietary high-throughput optimization assay system to rapidly tailor SoluPro for each of their molecules. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ optimization assay system enables rapid optimization of protein titer, function, quality, and downstream processability, resulting in high-quality product and multi-gram per liter fermentation titers in three months or less.”

Crossing the (cell) line

The collaboration with a large biopharma firm like Sanofi demonstrates industry’s need and desire for new expression technologies that can produce next-generation antibodies and protein scaffolds, McClain argued. “There is a need for new expression technologies that are capable of producing next-generation antibody and protein scaffolds. CHO is ineffective in producing these scaffolds with long cell line development times of nine to 18 months and low titers of <1 g/L.

“We’ve shown SoluPro can uniquely deliver on this industry need by delivering high-quality product at multi-gram per liter titers in less than three months.” He added next-generation antibodies and proteins scaffolds present a roughly $14bn market opportunity by 2024 and getting to clinic six to 15 months sooner is a huge advantage, and a key driver, for partnering with AbSci.

To date, AbSci has worked with seven different companies including Sanofi and has partnered on 16 different molecules.