The future of biopharma started in a basement

We started with a question: What if there was a better way to create new medicines?

From a basement in Portland, we engineered E. coli, biopharma’s original host organism, to be an effective factory for complex human proteins. But we didn’t stop there.

We built our technology to enable better, faster, smarter biologic drug discovery and cell line development. We call it Integrated Drug Creation™.

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Ideas to Impact

Absci is unlocking the potential of next-generation biologics by harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to explore a vast therapeutic sequence space inaccessible to conventional discovery methods.

Meet the Team

  • Leadership Team
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board of Directors

Sean McClain

Founder, CEO & Director

Matthew Weinstock, PhD


Greg Schiffman, CPA


Sarah Korman, PhD, JD

General Counsel

Nikhil Goel, MS, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Morale Officer

Deniz Kural, PhD

SVP, Antibody & Target Discovery

James Sietstra

SVP, Business Development

Imad Ajjawi, PhD, MBA

VP, Business Development

Todd Bedrick, CPA

VP, Corporate Controller

Kate Corcoran, PhD

VP, Strategy & Communication

Jonathan Eads, MS

VP, Informatics

Gregory Hannum, PhD

VP, AI Research

Byron Kneller, PhD

VP, Process Development

Jens Plassmeier, PhD

VP, Synthetic Biology R&D

Thomas Wrona, PhD, JD

VP, Intellectual Property

Daniele Biasci, PhD

Consulting VP, Immunology

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