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With a scaffold-agnostic approach, we take our partners’ molecular concepts from what if to what is, unlocking biologic possibilities. Whether identifying novel disease targets, discovering next-generation biologics in engineered scaffolds, or creating Bionic Proteins™ that incorporate non-standard amino acids, we create real impact with partners. We look for hit variants in the fully-constructed scaffold from our initial screens, and we generate the scalable production cell line for every program we undertake.

What will we create together?

Uncover opportunity with novel target identification

From disease tissue bulk RNA, we reconstruct prevalent immune-response molecules such as antibodies and identify corresponding antigens, offering new therapeutic targets as well as cognate binding partners for further validation.

Out-evolve nature with scaffold design and drug platform development

By assembling and producing new-to-nature next-generation biologic scaffolds and evaluating variants to discover new drug candidates designed for optimal target affinity (and other desired characteristics), we empower our partners to execute on theoretical modalities, creative fusions, and multivalent molecular hybrids.

Redefine possible with de novo discovery

Starting with the desired scaffold format for the envisioned drug, and generating a library of relevant sequence variants to establish the target specificity, we create novel lead drug candidates with desired attributes, including manufacturability.

Introduce new drug properties with Bionic Proteins™

By engineering genetic signals to direct site-specific incorporation of non-standard amino acids by our Bionic SoluPro® strain, we generate Bionic Proteins™ with chemical handles that can be used for post-translational modifications including glycosylation, PEGylation, and ADC-payload conjugation, as well as novel branched proteins and chemical conjugates.

Embrace specificity with human antibody discovery

From our catalog of human-derived antibody sequences, we are building a collection of unique fully-human monoclonal antibodies with specificity for validated targets of interest. We may optimize monoclonal antibodies or next-generation biologics derived from these sequences as lead drug candidates in partnered programs.

Bring the best candidate forward with lead optimization

By introducing AI-informed modifications into the sequences of drug discovery leads, we can evaluate variants for improved target affinity, manufacturability, and other pharmacologic characteristics, and optimize leads to advance through preclinical development.

Bypass bottlenecks with cell line development

Starting with established preclinical or clinical-stage lead drug candidates, we create high titer, high productivity manufacturing cell lines for next-generation biologics, in weeks, enabling partners to advance leads that otherwise would not have been viable as drug candidates for development due to manufacturability challenges.

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