Creating drugs at the speed of AI

A better, faster path to new medicines.

Absci is a generative AI drug creation company. Our mission is simple: create better biologics for patients, faster.

Designing antibodies from scratch.

Most drug discovery approaches today look to existing antibody libraries for incremental improvements. We recently showed how we design de novo antibodies "from scratch" on a computer. Our zero-shot AI approach designs antibodies without prior learning on the specific target, generating candidates unlike those found in existing databases. Our wet lab can experimentally validate the candidates that work right out of the computer - without the slow and costly step of lead optimization. This potentially reduces the time it takes to get new drug leads into the clinic, while unlocking treatments for traditionally "undruggable" diseases and improved therapeutic possibilities for many others.

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We’re unlocking the potential of generative AI.

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Drug discovery is broken.

Historically, biologic drug discovery is risky, time-consuming, and expensive, with a >90% failure rate. Instead of looking for the needle in a haystack, we can be creating the needle. If we could reduce our preclinical development timelines and increase our success rate, we could dramatically impact patients' lives.

We give drugmakers new potential.

Absci enables a shift from drug discovery to drug creation. We unlock new possibilities in de novo design, lead optimization, target identification, and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development, where drugmakers seek candidates with tailored target binding, better manufacturability, lower immunogenicity, and shorter development times. By enabling biologic drug discovery to happen more quickly and efficiently, we help our partners bring drugs to more patients everywhere.

Here’s how we do it.

Our Integrated Drug Creation™ platform combines AI with synthetic biology to overcome the limits of traditional drug discovery. We can build and test millions of AI designs every week, and the resulting wet lab data propels an experimental cycle that takes us from designs to data in as little as six weeks. It gives us the data to train, the AI to create, and the wet lab to validate new biologic-based therapeutics.

From drug discovery to drug creation with our partners

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Breakthrough therapeutics at the click of a button

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"Absci falls into a special investment allocation towards what we see as ‘Next Horizon’ technologies that have the potential to disrupt the biopharmaceutical industry. Absci’s technologies may enable discovery and development that could impact human health"

Prem Tumkosit
Managing Director, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

"Absci’s technology platform is enabling rapid discovery and production of well-differentiated protein-based drugs that are elusive to other approaches. We are excited to work with Absci towards our goal of providing innovative, cost-effective treatment options for patients."

Carlos Garcia-Echeverria, Ph.D
Chief of Rx creation, EQRx

"Absci’s powerful data generation and AI protein engineering platform is already helping the drug discovery industry, and NVIDIA is excited to help power and scale Absci’sin silico technologies to achieve the best positive impact."

Kimberly Powell
Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA

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