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Making medicines better, and making better medicines

AbSci’s revolutionary synthetic biology platform technology offers fully-integrated, AI-assisted, de novo drug discovery and cell line development … in weeks

AbSci’s Protein Printing™ Platform Technology

We screen novel drug variants in the desired scaffold format, and in the cell line that will be used for manufacturing. We specialize in making next-generation biologics that have proven difficult to make in other systems.

We make biologics better at every step, from de novo discovery to lead optimization to cell line development. We streamline the drug creation process for our partners, whatever the stage of the therapeutic candidate.

Our fully-integrated and AI-assisted approach takes weeks (not years), whether we start with a lead candidate for which a partner needs a cell line, or a target against which a partner wants an entirely novel drug (& cell line).

Beyond the savings afforded by reduced failure rates and accelerated timelines, AbSci’s SoluPro® E. coli cell lines offer up to 75% reduction in biologic drug product COGS relative to mammalian systems.



Sean McClain

Founder, CEO & Director

Greg Schiffman, CPA


Matthew Weinstock, PhD


Andy Pihl

COO & Director


Zachariah Jonasson, PhD

Managing Partner PVP

Sean McClain

Founder, CEO, AbSci

Gustavo Mahler, PhD

CEO, AGC Biologics

V. Bryan Lawlis, PhD

Independent Consultant

Ivana Magovcevic-Liebisch, PhD, JD

President & CEO, Vigil Neuroscience
Board Chair

Andy Pihl

COO, AbSci

Karen McGinnis, CPA

Chief Accounting Officer, Illumina

Eli Casdin

CIO, Casdin Capital

Amrit Nagpal 

Managing Director, Redmile Group


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