Aug 23, 2021

News Roundup: Absci makes its debut as a publicly traded company

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, Absci debuted on Wall Street with an IPO, raising about $200 million in the name of further developing our AI-powered Integrated Drug Creation Platform™ to identify biologics and help speed the development of new treatments. 

Our public debut generated buzz among both the business and life sciences communities. For more information, check out the list of the top ten news articles covering the IPO:

  1. Barron’s: Absci Stock Pops 35% in its IPO, While Couchbase Rises 27%
  2. TechCrunch: Shares of protein discovery platform Absci pop in market debut
  3. FOX Business: Cavuto Coast to Coast
  4. Seeking Alpha: IPO Day With Absci CEO Sean McClain – The Google Of Synthetic Biology (Video)
  5. BioPharma Reporter: Biotech Absci sees shares soar in IPO debut
  6. The Oregonian: Absci’s IPO values Vancouver biotech startup at $1.4 billion
  7. GeekWire: How Sean McClain founded Absci at just 22 — and now leads a newly public biotech worth nearly $2B
  8. Axios: Fusing synthetic biology and AI for faster drug discovery
  9. Portland Business Journal: ​​Absci shares surge after company’s Nasdaq debut
  10. The Columbian: Vancouver-based Absci valued at nearly $2 billion in IPO trading