Vancouver, WA – April 11, 2017

United States Patent No. 9,617,335 was issued today to AbSci, an industry leader in biomanufacturing innovation, for its SoluPro™ protein expression system, which produces complex therapeutic proteins at unparalleled yield and throughput as compared to current manufacturing platforms.

Suzanne Sprunger, PhD JD, AbSci’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer stated, “This US patent is the latest addition to AbSci’s growing portfolio of issued patents and pending patent applications, covering all aspects of AbSci’s proprietary protein expression technology, from host cells and expression vectors to production conditions and purification methods.

The granting of the US patent covering SoluPro™ is a significant milestone for AbSci.

Sean McClain, CEO and Founder added, “This patent, along with our continually-expanding intellectual property portfolio is a testament to the AbSci team’s innovation and dedication.  It will continue to strengthen AbSci’s presence as a global leader in biomanufacturing.”

About AbSci
AbSci is a global leader in biomanufacturing technologies. The company’s SoluPro™ expression platform achieves ultra-high yields of soluble and active protein products and enables ultra-high efficiency purification processes. AbSci’s unique approach accelerates drug discovery timelines, increases manufacturing efficiencies, and drastically reduces costs for the biopharmaceutical industry. For more information, please visit