Jul 22, 2021

A Message from Absci’s CEO

Sean McClain celebrates today’s milestone moment as Absci becomes a publicly traded company.

Ten years ago, with a vision to revolutionize the way protein-based drugs are developed, I founded Absci in a tiny basement lab. That cramped space, complete with surplus second-hand equipment, is a stark comparison to where we are today — a leader in synthetic biology with more than 170 employees headquartered in a fantastic purpose-built campus in Vancouver, Washington. This contrast is what makes today such a pivotal moment in Absci history. I’m thrilled to announce that as of this morning, we are now a publicly traded company on Nasdaq under the symbol “ABSI.”

In 2011, my goal was to do something many thought was impossible — to use DNA to program E. coli  bacteria to make the next generation of protein-based drugs. Not only have we been able to reach that goal, but we have since grown into a company that is redefining the paradigm of drug discovery and biomanufacturing, merging artificial intelligence with synthetic biology to get the best possible drugs to patients with unprecedented speed.

At Absci, we have built a platform with the potential to create better medicines, faster and more efficiently, and to create entirely new classes of biologics. We believe we can expand the biologic possibilities and help ensure the best potential drug designs have the opportunity to become therapeutic realities for patients.

Absci is about more than breakthroughs in biopharmaceuticals — we’re going from solving daunting challenges today to applying science, technology, and revolutionary thinking to out-evolve nature, revealing possibilities that would not otherwise exist. We are forging paths from what if to what is, translating ideas to impact.

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our story – everyone whose drive, passion, and belief in creating the impossible has gotten us to where we are today.  Thank you to our board members, investors, families, and friends.

And to all our Absci team members: you are the soul of Absci. We refer to ourselves as “unlimiters.” Absci unlimiters are the people who relentlessly invent, run assays, manipulate DNA, program robots, grow bacteria, screen samples, code models, crunch numbers, purify proteins, manage facilities, file patents, lead projects, and so much more. Our unlimiters have given their all, conquering seemingly insurmountable challenges together, and in so doing have forged a culture dedicated to believing in the impossible. Thank you.

Creating new possibilities is at the core of Absci’s DNA, and we are just getting started. I am incredibly excited about what we will achieve in the future.

Here’s to changing the world, one protein at a time.