Apr 21, 2022

A Message from Absci’s CEO: Expanding our Horizons from Coast to Coast

We celebrate the opening of our new NYC office, the Absci AI Research Lab.

Creating new possibilities is at the core of Absci’s DNA. When I founded Absci ten years ago in a tiny basement lab, I could never have imagined the incredible journey that brought us to our current, purpose-built headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. The bright lab spaces, cutting-edge equipment, and our incredible team of Unlimiters continue to amaze me every day – a far cry from the days of secondhand equipment and concrete walls with no windows. Our headquarters in Vancouver will continue to be our home, but now, I’m excited to announce our expansion and commitment to growing the team as we open a new NYC office, which we are calling the Absci AI Research Lab, or AAIR Lab.

A few weeks ago at NVIDIA GTC, we shared a glimpse of Absci’s incredible AI breakthroughs. Absci has developed powerful ML models for in silico lead optimization, and we’re collaborating with NVIDIA to expand and scale our approach. We are building on these and other successes, and are well on our way to realizing our vision for fully in silico drug creation. 

With this new space in upper Manhattan, our vision is to provide a center of AI excellence and innovation as we strive to revolutionize the way protein-based drugs are developed. Bringing together the best science and engineering minds from coast-to-coast and across the world, we will continue to redefine the paradigm of drug discovery and biomanufacturing, merging artificial intelligence with synthetic biology to get the best possible drugs to patients with unprecedented speed.

Pushing the boundaries of science and technology, refusing to be limited by what others dismiss as impossible, and breaking down scientific and organizational walls are some of the attributes that truly define us as Unlimters. As we grow our team in NYC and beyond, we will continue to keep these attributes close at heart as we relentlessly pursue our vision and produce therapeutic breakthroughs for patients.

Here’s to changing the world, one protein at a time.

– Sean