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De-risk your biologics drug discovery pipeline.

Absci enables our partners to explore the broadest possible solution space faster than conventional methods. Our multi-parameter optimization approach tunes affinity, specificity, manufacturability, and safety all at once. Our Integrated Drug Creation™ platform gives drug makers new potential:

  • More lab-validated candidates
  • Tailored, lab-validated target binding
  • Better manufacturability
  • Lower immunogenicity
  • Shorter preclinical development timelines

What will we create together?

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De novo antibody design

Starting with your envisioned drug format and target antigen, Absci generates a library of relevant sequence variants to establish the target specificity, creating novel lead drug candidates with desirable attributes, including manufacturability and Naturalness.


AI-powered antibody optimization

With multiparametric AI lead optimization, we can simultaneously evaluate variants for improved target affinity, manufacturability, and other pharmacologic characteristics, bringing truly optimal lead candidates to the clinic.


Novel target identification

We reconstruct prevalent immune-response molecules such as antibodies from disease tissue and identify their corresponding antigens, offering new therapeutic targets, as well as the cognate binding partners, for further potential validation and optimization.


Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) capabilities

With genetic engineering, Absci incorporates a site-specific non-standard amino acid to generate Bionic Proteins™ with chemical handles that can be used for post-translational modifications including glycosylation, PEGylation, and ADC-payload conjugation, as well as novel branched proteins and chemical conjugates.

Let’s create together.

How can our Integrated Drug Creation™ platform help you go from drug discovery to drug creation?

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"Absci falls into a special investment allocation towards what we see as ‘Next Horizon’ technologies that have the potential to disrupt the biopharmaceutical industry. Absci’s technologies may enable discovery and development that could impact human health"

Prem Tumkosit
Managing Director, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

"Absci’s technology platform is enabling rapid discovery and production of well-differentiated protein-based drugs that are elusive to other approaches. We are excited to work with Absci towards our goal of providing innovative, cost-effective treatment options for patients."

Carlos Garcia-Echeverria, Ph.D
Chief of Rx creation, EQRx

"Absci’s powerful data generation and AI protein engineering platform is already helping the drug discovery industry, and NVIDIA is excited to help power and scale Absci’s in silico technologies to achieve the best positive impact."

Kimberly Powell
Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA