Welcome to the future of biopharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing. Our advanced metabolic-strain engineering and purification platforms enable revolutionary efficiencies in biopharmaceutical discovery and manufacturing.

Accelerate the drug discovery process using AbSci’s all-in-one protein expression platform, SoluPro™. The optimization process enables rapid expression of soluble, complex proteins in high yields, and puts the focus on screening lead candidates instead of producing them.

SoluPro™, AbSci’s next-generation E. coli expression platform, generates diverse protein products at unparalleled yields compared to current manufacturing processes. Our technologies decrease COGs, reduce production times, and significantly increase plant capacity.

SoluPro™, our all-in-one protein expression platform, produces complex proteins ranging from full-length antibodies to insulin using the simplest, best studied, and least expensive organism, E. coli.

AbSci Advantages



SoluPro™ expression platform produces complex disulfide bonded proteins in a properly folded, soluble form



SoluPure™ ‘no-column’ purification technology eliminates downstream chromatography steps



SoluPro™ and SoluPure™ increase manufacturing flexibility and enables multi-product facilities

Up to 75%


SoluPro™ and SoluPure™ enable dramatic cost savings compared to existing biomanufacturing processes

Ultra-High Yield Streamlined Protein Production


Two key innovations form the foundation of our SoluPro™ protein expression platform: a carefully engineered semi-oxidizing cytoplasm and a dual inducible promoter system that enables precision control over protein production rates. AbSci’s unprecedented approach and proprietary understanding of protein folding enables SoluPure a chromatography-free purification method that removes downstream processing bottlenecks.

This scalable downstream purification technique utilizes existing standard to remove host-cell proteins and eliminate downstream chromatography steps. Together, SoluPure™ and SoluPro™ introduce numerous efficiencies throughout biologic discovery and manufacturing by providing rapid access to therapeutic candidates, simplifying downstream purification, and achieving fermentation titers that can be measured in tens of grams per liter.

Traditionally, protein expression in E. coli is achieved either through cytoplasmic production as inclusion bodies or through secretion into the periplasmic space.  SoluPro™ expresses soluble, disulfide linked proteins through production in a semi-oxidized cytoplasm.

SoluPro’s™ precisely tunable dual inducer system achieves peak production using straightforward induction titrations. Below is an example of Fab expression.

SoluPro™ speeds the time it takes to get new medicines to market by accelerating, or in some cases, cutting out steps entirely from the drug discovery and clinical development process. During development, SoluPro™ can produce gram quantities of material for preliminary screenings in a matter of days instead of weeks. In addition, because SoluPro™ has a demonstrated track record expressing difficult proteins and achieves higher protein production levels than mammalian systems, scientists can now access previously elusive and untestable therapeutic proteins. Once therapeutic candidates have been identified, the platform scales seamlessly for commercial production, therefore eliminating the 6-12 month cell-line development process.

At scale, SoluPro™ creates breakthrough efficiencies in biomanufacturing, eliminating the need for large plant build-outs and reducing drug substance costs by 50-75% for high-volume medicines such as insulin. By returning biomanufacturing to its E. coli roots, AbSci aims to replace CHO and other mammalian expression platforms as the expression host of choice.





Absci collaborates with leading pharmaceutical companies to enable step-changes in productivity to their bio-pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.

AbSci is supported by a syndicate of experienced investors:

“People in the industry have been talking about folding protein in E. coli for years. Before it was just theoretically possible, but the SoluPro™ Platform now makes it technically possible to fold full-length antibodies and proteins in E. coli.”

Fred Larimore, PhD, Former Research Fellow at Eli Lilly


We are a fearless, intellectually energetic team of scientists continually defining the future of drug discovery and manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical industry.

AbSci scientists are iconoclasts, defying established industry practices, resolute in a shared conviction that the status quo for biomanufacturing is obsolete. We attract passionate, imaginative and accomplished scientists who are risk takers, keen to experiment, collaborate and create extraordinary drug discovery and manufacturing tools to disrupt and transform how life-changing biologics are made.

Our Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors are comprised of world-class scientists who bring decades of experience leading and igniting the biotech industry in all facets of drug discovery and biomanufacturing.


Zach Jonasson, Ph.D.

Chairman, Managing Partner PVP

V. Bryan Lawlis, Ph.D.

Independent Consultant

Sean McClain

Founder & CEO

Dan Gold, Ph.D.

VP Process Sciences, BioMarin

Phil Barish, Ph.D.

VP of Operations and R&D

Gustavo Mahler, Ph.D.

CEO, AGC Biologics

Sean McClain

Founder & CEO

Suzanne Sprunger, Ph.D., J.D.

Chief Intellectual Property Officer


Chief Morale Officer

Shelley Klassen, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Hunt

Licensing and Transaction Counsel

V. Bryan Lawlis, Ph.D.

Chairman, Independent Consultant

Bill Bennett, Ph.D.

Principal, Bioscope Associates

Dan Gold, Ph.D.

VP Process Sciences, BioMarin

Fred Larimore, Ph.D.

Principal, Sierra Vista Biotech

Alan Herman, Ph.D.

CSO, Coherus

Andrew J.S. Jones, D. Phil.

Independent Consultant

“AbSci reminds me of Genentech in the early 80’s, they’ve taken on some really hard problems to explain and there’s no fear around solving these key industry issues.”

V. Bryan Lawlis, PhD, Former VP of Process Science at Genentech


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At AbSci, we defy established protein expression conventions and continually invent new technologies and approaches which introduce efficiencies and cost savings to the biotech industry. We are looking for original thinkers, accomplished and energetic scientists who have the imagination to join us and re-define what’s possible.


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