Vancouver, WA – January 11, 2017
AbSci a global leader in biomanufacturing technologies, was granted a European regional patent today for its SoluPro™ protein production technology. 

Many years of discovery went into developing the SoluPro expression platform. The SoluProtechnology provides a revolutionary solution to one of biomanufacturing’s ongoing challenges: how to produce fully-folded complex proteins, specifically biopharmaceuticals, at high titers and high quality using inexpensive E. coli strains,” said Sean McClain, CEO and Founder, “We’re pleased with the breadth claims awarded.”

This patent, EP2880168B1, which will be in force throughout the major European markets into 2033, covers various aspects of AbSci’s proprietary host cell lines, which are used in AbSci’s proprietary all-in-one protein expression platform, along with methods of using these cell lines to produce diverse protein products including insulin and antibodies.

About AbSci
AbSci is a global leader in biomanufacturing technologies. The company’s SoluPro™ expression platform achieves ultra-high yields of soluble and active protein products and enables ultra-high efficiency purification processes. AbSci’s unique approach accelerates drug discovery timelines, increases manufacturing efficiencies, and drastically reduces costs for the biopharmaceutical industry. For more information, please visit